10+1 Fantasy Town Name Generator Tools {2018 Updated}

Fantasy Town Name Generator

Here we are going to find out the best Town Name Generator Tools. A friendly town name is essential. Be it to name a real geographical location, or to name your town in books, games, etc. you have to very careful while choosing one. The name imposes a great deal of impression on people who come to visit the town when your readers read your book or story or play the games you develop.

The name of the town itself sorts its unique identity. Nevertheless, this article gives you 11 best town name generator tools to help you decide on a name. Read on.

Top 11 Town Name Generator Tools

Name Generator 2

A friendly town name describes your town. Your town may be fictional or real. The name of the town creates a first impression on the people who pass through or come to live in it. If you are a property developer, you can have some names in mind. The features of the land can help you name the town.

Town Name Generator
Name Generator 2

For example, if two rivers pass through, you can name the town as Two Rivers, or likewise. You need to name cities in games and books too. The town may be dark and gloomy, or a bright, positive place.

The random town name generator from Name Generator 2 can help you with this. It has the option to let you choose between real town names and fantasy town names. Once you decide that, all you need to do is click “Generate Town Names.” You will have the name on the screen. If you don’t like it, click on the button again. You can do that as many times you want.

Fantasy Name Generator (Town Name Generator)

This Random Fantasy Town Name Generator tool from Fantasy Name Generators will create ten names at random. Most of these names are in English. Town names can vary a lot. The names that this generator gives also changes a lot. Given is in English, there are still many different themes.

Town Name Generator
Town Name Generator

If you are superficial for something specific, this generator will work well for you. You only need to click on the “Get Cool Town Names” button. The ten names will be shown in the form of a list. Don’t like any? Just click on the button again. and you will get random names with this random fantasy name generator.

Fantasy Name Generator (City Name Generator)

This City Name Generator will give you ten random names. However, you do have to consider the exception of predefined endings. Therefore, some titles may not be what you expect of a town name.

Town Name Generator
City Name Generator

The names can range from standard, English names to odd, fantasy names. In case you are looking for a normal one, check the first five names on the list. These names may be abstract. But they have a higher chance of containing the usual names. Such are the ones you will find today or throughout history in different languages.

The last five names can fit any genre. Most of the names are not the city names you will find today.

Hundreds of combinations are possible. This caters well regarding variety and different genres. But then you might have to click a few extra times before you find the name you like. If you don’t see any name you want, click the button again. You will have ten new random names.

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Mithril And Mages Town Name Generator

Mithril and Mages Town and Village name generator have a database of over five million names across more than 150 countries. You may need the name for a book, or a game, or to name a location. Hundreds of possibilities are right in front of you.

The generator tool uses real-world names, instead of made up abstract ones. You can choose from many different countries to flavor the resulting name to what you desire.

Town Name Generator
Mithril and Mages

If you want to browse names, you can check them out alphabetically.

Else, select the country, and the number of names you want to generate. Click on “Generate.” You will have the results on the screen.

Town Name Generator – WritingExercises

WritingExercises is a straightforward town name generator tool. It generates a fictitious, ‘English-sounding’ town name. It may coincide with an existing town name.

You choose your ending to the name from a drop-down list. Then click on the “Generate a Town Name” button. The result will be shown in the white box below.

Town Name Generator

Namesmade Town Name Generator

Springhole generator tool gives names for various geographical features, towns, and villages. Names can be standard or just bizarre. Some part of the data is based on places that already exist. So you may get results that coincide with actual medieval town names.

Town Name Generator

Select the number of names you want to generate. And if you wish any dark weirdness to the name. Click on “Generate Names.” You can keep trying on and on till you decide on one. If you have a brilliant idea for a place name, you can contribute it. Type in the suggestion box given below.

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Springhole Fantasy Kingdom Name Generator

This fantasy place name generator takes five names from the database and randomly puts in front of you. You can keep on clicking “Generate” until you find a name you can use. Springhole Fantasy Kingdom Name Generator will keep giving random results each time.

Town Name Generator

Muddle’s Wilderness Location Generator

Muddle’s Wilderness location generator is a very versatile fantasy town name generator. If you’re into fantasy games, then this name generator is the only thing you need because, in addition to town names, you can create kingdom names, dungeon names, tomb names, mountain names and n number of things.

Town Name Generator
Muddle’s Wilderness Location Generator

You can choose between different types of adjectives like good, evil, magical and many other things. It depends on you to select the number of names you want to create, and there’s no limit to the number of names you can create. You can tick the names you like, and it will sort it according to its preference so that you can choose the best name for your fantasy town name.

Fantasy Name Generator (rinkworks.com)

Fantasy Name Generator rinkworks.com tool is a no bullshit fantasy town name generator. It is very straightforward but exciting town name generator in which you have to select the type of name that you want to choose from the drop-down menu like long names, short names, names with different symbols and many other options.

Town Name Generator

In addition to this primary town name generator, there’s also an excellent town name generator available on this website which is for the enthusiasts out there that want their fantasy town name to be just perfect. You can even create a name is different languages like Chinese and German using the Fantasy Name Generator.

Chaotic Shiny Town Name Generator

The name of this fantasy town name generator is opposite to the way that this website creates a name for your fantasy town. The idea that this website works is that you have the option to select the type of name you want to create for your village, i.e., either a realistic or nonsense name. You can even choose a mixture of both the names that if you want.

Town Name Generator
Chaotic Shiny Town Name Generator

The catch with this website is that this can help you when you’re in the middle of the game or in a hurry to create a name for your fantasy town. You can choose up to 100 names of one kind at a time, and there’s no limit of shuffling the names. Thus, Chaotic Shiny Town Name Generator can serve an excellent fantasy town name generator for both noobs and enthusiasts.

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Don Jon Fantasy Name Generator

No no don’t start thinking about Scarlett Johansson and her scene with Joseph-Gordon Levitt. This is not the movie we’re talking about; this is a fantasy town name generator for you which is a fundamental yet practical way to create some cool names for your town so you can get an edge over your friends or even competitors.

Town Name Generator
Don Jon Fantasy Name Generator

The way Don Jon town name generator works are pretty straightforward. First, it will ask you to choose the era and continent of which your town name should be generated. Then it will ask you to select the place from which you want your town name to resemble like English town name, French town name and so on.

You can even create names of other things too for your fantasy world. Therefore it will not be wrong to say that Don Jon fantasy name generator is a very versatile town name generator.

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Final Words

Well, these were 11 town name generator tools that you can use. Many of them only use simple algorithms. Some prefer picking already stored names that correspond to real-world places. Some names are just abstract. Either way, you can have unusual town name generators for your requirement. Check them out. Hopefully, you will have what you want.


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