Top 10 Cobblestone Generator Tools {2018 Updated}

Cobblestone Generator

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, then there is an excellent chance that you have played Minecraft. Officially, Minecraft is the best-selling PC game having sold out a gargantuan amount of 28 million copies. Minecraft, released in 2009 by Swedish game developer Markus Persson, is indeed a game all about “placing blocks and going on adventures.” Now, the stones and cobblestone Generator Tools are one of the essential tools of practicality which you must have in your hand in the world of Minecraft.

Cobblestone, as you’ll know if you’ve played Minecraft for more than about ten seconds, is what you get when you break stone. As a result, it’s one of the substances in the game that will fill up your storage chests faster than a diamond pick chews through sugarcane. The glut of cobblestone you obtain in the course of regular play, combined with its blast resistance, is why it’s usually the favored building material of anyone who builds for function rather than aesthetics.

Three different ways can now obtain this building block –

  • Stone – If a stone is mined with a pickaxe which is not enchanted with silk touch, will produce cobblestone.
  • Natural Generation – Cobblestones occur naturally in dungeons, strongholds, villages, underwater ruins, woodland mansions and jungle temples.
  • Water and lava – When water and flowing lava come into contact, the lava is replaced with cobblestone. However, if you wish to create a stone, make sure that the lava flows above the water.

In this article, however, we will talk about the ways to make cobblestone through very simple Minecraft cobblestone generators.

10 Best Cobblestone Generator Tools

Simple Model

You will need a bucket each of water and lava and a two-block high surface. Just dig the surface as shown and place the water and lava to get your cobblestone in the middle.

Simple Model With Alternate Tweaking

It is similar to the last model and requires a base to be made by digging the ground. After this, a hole needs to be drilled to stop the water flow, and the simple addition of lava and water makes it work just like the previous model now.

Super Simple Model With Hopper

This cobble generator is ideal if you do not like your cobblestones being wasted by them falling into the lava. All you have to do is make a channel for the water and lava and then destroy one block for the hopper to be placed. Once you put here the lava and water, they will again work their magic for some cobblestone genesis.

Super Small With Hopper

An easy hack because it takes up very little space. This Automatic cobblestone generator has to have a base like the one shown in the picture, made with cobblestones. Once you are through with, all you need to do is destroy one of the cobblestones and place the hopper. Now put in the lava and water together to generate some stone awesomeness. I hope this will clear your question of how to make a cobblestone generator.

Piston Stone Generator

This cobblestone generator is the ultimate tool that you will find on this list. It is super-fast in the tone generation and creates faster than you destroy if you are using a stone pickaxe. You will need six red stones, five repeaters, some levers, and specific non-flammable blocks. Keep in mind that this generator requires two buckets of waters instead of one and also needs two standard pistons since the sticky ones are ineffective.

Step 1 – Place the repeaters, red stones, and the two blocks as shown in the photo.

Step 2 – Triple click on the repeaters to switch them to maximum delay mode. Now move to the next step.

Step 3 – Place two blocks and a lever on the second one. Keep the bar as a precaution to recalibrate the device in case it gets derelict.

Step 4 – Place the pistons by standing in front of the blocks to make sure that they are heading the right way.

Now, Step 5 – Make a base for the water as shown and put two more blocks like this and keep on adding stones.

Step 6 – Double-click the auto fixed lever very fast and add your lava and water to generate cobblestones.

Tip: You can make a cover for the red stone, for the lava and even for the water but it is highly advisable to not create one for water since in many cases the device jams and produces such a cobblestone that blocks the flow of water.

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Troubleshooting The Piston Generator

The piston generator sometimes might have full jams, lags, glitches and sometimes acts as a cobblestone generator for producing 1-2 cobblestones and then continues to make the natural stone.

If that is the case, then don’t worry my friend, we have your back.

These are some ways to troubleshoot –

  • If no cobblestone is coming then open the red stone portion to make sure that the signal is spinning around.
  • Do not mine very fast. This causes jams for some reasons.
  • Make sure that your device is running by following the piston sounds. They make a noise when they stop working. Pistons usually can’t push more than 13 boxes and also have problems in pushing bedrock, obsidian, chests, signs, and dispensers.
  • You can stop the device from making stones by quickly putting a sign.
  • To restart, remove the red stone under the lever to stop the device from running. Place the red stone again and double-click on the bar fast.
  • To have an organized cobblestone generator, make sure you keep some signs near the red stone part just in case the lava breaks. You lose only two red stones since the signs protect the rest.

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Standard Generators

There have many standard cobblestone generators, but not all are used as cobblestones are so readily available. Standard Generators want the player to mine and collect fresh cobblestone. But, both these risks the player’s game, as well as the game’s efficiency, is affected as the dropped item might be destroyed by lava. There are ways to overcome these drawbacks. By removing the block under the cobblestone, collecting the drops using a hopper, etc.

Piston Cobblestone Generator (revised)

Components of a Piston Cobblestone Generator:

  • Core: It includes water and lava- the basic things needed to create fresh cobblestones.
  • Clock Circuit: It helps in driving the piston. The speed of the movement of the piston can be controlled using the clock. The circuit is from the power stone to the piston.
  • Secondary Pistons (Optional): To increase the numbers of blocks that can be pushed at the same time. As it is dependent on requirements, it is optional.

Example of Piston Generators:

  • Quad-Piston CSGs

These are the advanced generator designs, and they produce four cobblestone blocks after every fourth piston cycle. The blocks, here, are pushed in an upward direction, and that negates any chance of the burning of the cobblestone due to lava.

Compact Cobblestone Generator

Follow the steps mentioned below to use Compact Cobblestone Generator.

(I) Dig a four blocks long trench.

(II) Dig down one in one of the blocks of the trench. (Middle block recommended)

(III) Now, add water to the smallest side.

(IV) Put lava in the other side.

(V) After following the steps mentioned above, you are good to go and have many cobblestones.

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Semi-Automatic Stone Farm

This design of generator creates 24 blocks of cobblestone at the press of a button. As it runs by lava that is flowing over water, you are not supposed to worry about the lava burning the cobblestones.

  • Find a place where you can build a farm. It should have a part that is exactly four blocks high, and it should have a space of at least four blocks in either direction.
  • In this chosen region, place a dispenser. It should be facing down on the ceiling.
  • Now, on the floor that is below this dispenser, place two blocks forming a stack. Select the type of the block based upon the pickaxe you wish to use. If you wish to use an iron or a diamond pickaxe, the blocks should be obsidian. In another case, you can also use an ore apart from coal or nether quartz. Instead, you can also use coal, quartz or redstone. But, if you wish to use a stone pickaxe, you should exclude iron ore, lapis lazuli ore, a block of iron, lapis lazuli blocks.
  • Now, place a fence or nether brick fence, to be particular. This fence should be four blocks away from the stack. These will be the corners.
  • Now, connect these corners by placing a nether brick fence diagonally towards adjacent fence posts.
  • Place the water source blocks on the floor area other than that of the stack.
  • Now, at last, put a lava bucket in the dispenser.

Well, this is not just it. To let the dispenser place lava, you need a redstone circuit. To create one, go above the farm. In order to do so, follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • After reaching above the farm, place a sticky piston on it. The piston should be facing upwards.
  • Now, place an opaque block above this piston.
  • Now, on this block, place some redstone dust. The redstone wire should connect to the dispenser. It should also connect to the block that has the button attached to it. You can press this button even when you are not on the farm.
  • There should be a repeater next to the block facing away. This is necessary for the block on the piston to transmit signals.
  • Now, place some redstone dust in front of the repeater and after that, the repeater should start to the tick delay of 4.
  • Place a repeater that is facing away from the redstone dust. This repeater and the previous one should be both in different directions.
  • Repeat the above two steps- (v) and (vi) till you have four repeaters. None of these repeaters should be in the same direction. Make sure that it is still a four tick delay.
  • Now, connect the redstone between the last two repeaters to another circuit. This will lead you to the piston. Include five repeaters, and 4 of them must have the tick delay of 4 set. And make sure that it is not in active connection mode to any other redstone.

Now, after following all these steps, your stone farm is ready to use. Just press the button, and you are good to go.

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Final Words

I hope that these awesome gaming hacks will aid you to create your ideal cobblestone generator and help you perfect your Minecraft skyblock world. Follow the tips of troubleshooting for an even better experience. You can have my word that this carefully curated list of great generators won’t let you down. Good luck!


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