Top 10 Unique Baby Name Generator Tools {Updated}

Baby Name Generator

Planning to have a baby? Then what would his/her name be? Confused about it? Want some funky baby boy names? Or searching for some little baby girl Names? Then check out some Cute Baby Name Generator which would be very cool. They suggest you right name for your child.

All you need is to enter the gender of the child, and here you go they give you names as well as the origin of the name so that you get to know the perfect meaning for the name you have given to your child.

As you surf the internet you get to know various baby name generators they suggest different names for your baby. So if a generator gives you a name you need to check whether it matches with your surname or not. If it doesn’t then it’s a problem for you, it might sound awkward. But there’s no need to worry as you can get inspired by the names and get a name of your own.

Other best thing about these generators is you can share these names with your friends, family, colleagues and have a word of suggestion from them.

Here are few baby name generators you can have a look at:

10 Best Baby Name Generator

Baby Name Genie

Baby Name Genie gives you two options to choose a name for your child. So the first one is “make a wish” which means the tool will act as a Random Baby Name Generator. So, when you provide the gender and last name of your baby and then you can check whether it suits your child or not.

The next way is you can send a letter to a genie in which you write about your needs, and then genie gives you a first name and a middle name for your child according to your wishes.

Baby Name Generator

You can also try these names suggested by the genie by putting it in different situations. This is named as “test drive” by the generator and then after trying it if you like the name your search was successful.

Hurray!! You have got a name for your baby.

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Mother And Baby

Mother and Baby are one such exciting sites where you have a plethora of names for your newborn. All you need to do is just search by the letter of the name you need for your child. You also have to search by the category such as whether you want an unusual name or an old-fashioned name or a unique name or an old name. So you can go to the site and have a perfect baby name for boys, and baby names for girls also.

Baby Name Generator

Best Little Baby

This Best Little baby name generator works most fascinatingly. It takes yours and your partner’s name and then combines them and finds out an unusual name for your baby. It also suggests you names from letters of both the names so that you have a perfect name for your child. The top boy’s name and girls name are both available on this Baby Name Generator website.

Baby Name Generator

Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries app might be the most useful one in search of the best baby name. It has got those oxford dictionary qualities that help you search for the best name for your baby. One such example is it asks which sports you would like your baby to play? It asks which games you want your baby to play? It asks which program you would like your baby to watch? So by judging all these questions the site gives the perfect name for your baby.

Baby Name Generator

It takes a short time to rank this survey, and within no time you would have a right and cute name for your baby.

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Baby Name Wizard

The most advanced baby name generator you would meet on the internet. It starts generating unique baby names by asking you stuff like the name should begin with, must end with, it should not begin with, also the popularity of the name and material. This site asks you everything to find you the perfect name for your child. If you are a kind of person, who knows what kind of name, he wants then this Baby Name Wizard is ideal for you.

Baby Name Generator


If you want to have some fun while searching for a good baby name then you have approached your destination. While exploring the perfect name for your baby, you need to select six random names from the generated list. Then the Nymbler automatically gets you the best name from the six names you have chosen. The other exciting thing about the site is you can block the names you don’t like, and you can favorite the names which you loved.

Baby Name Generator

Name Generator ( is a fantastic baby name generator if you’re someone who wants it to be perfect. This baby name generator asks you some questions before generating a list of names for your to be baby. It doesn’t randomly generates a name but understands your parental emotions running high at this time and copes with your excitement and feelings.

In this name generator, you are first asked to enter the gender of the kid, which is the first thing that comes to the mind while thinking of a name. After this, it will ask you for the surname the baby will inherit from you. Once you complete this, it gives you an option to enter a mighty name if someone in your family has one.

The questions don’t end here; you will be asked to put in the hometown of the kid, your favorite film star, sports personality, your choice of car, the operating system you use and what not. After you’ve entered all these details, you will be presented a list of names for your baby.

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Name Hunter (

Name hunter is a simple to use baby name generator which can be used by everyone and anyone. It has a very basic outlay, but you can create some good names if you let your creative bug take control of yourself. This can prove vital to both who want to be precise about the names they want and also who don’t want to put much effort.

Baby Name Generator
Name Hunter

Name hunter generates baby names in a fundamental manner. It will ask you to select the gender of the kid, in which you even have the option to choose both if you don’t know the gender of your baby yet. Once you’ve selected the gender, it will ask you to enter up to 8 names who are your inspiration in choosing the name for your baby. After you’ve done this, it will create a list of suitable names for your birthday.

Baby Name Generator (

Baby name generator by is a simple no bullshit baby name generator made for people who do not think a lot about this matter but still don’t want to be left out. This baby generator doesn’t ask you a lot of information but generates some quirky names.

Baby Name Generator

The way Baby name generator works is that it will ask you to enter the gender of the baby and if you’re not sure about the gender of your baby, you can choose both options. After you’ve selected the gender, it will generate a name telling about the meaning and origin of that name. You can click on generate a name to get any number of names.

Baby Name Generator (

Baby name generator by is a unique baby name generator that can be helpful to both the perfectionists as well as for those who don’t want to put much effort in creating a name for their baby. You can be creative if you use this baby name generator and create some impressive names for your baby.

Baby Name Generator

Like every other baby name generator, you have to put in the gender of the baby which can be male, female or even you can generate a neutral name. But before giving this detail, you are asked what will be the surname of the baby as well as the kind of name you want for your baby like vintage, hipster, biblical, etc. Once you answer all the questions, you will the website will give you a list of names for your baby.

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Final Words

So these were some cool and exciting baby name generators we have found out. If you aren’t satisfied with them, then you can also have a try at Baby Name Scientists. You can also try Smart Name Finder, Baby Name Generator with Parents Name, Hipster Baby Names, or the Pamper Baby Name Generator.


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