Top 12 Random YouTube Name Generator Tools {Updated}

YouTube Name Generator

So, here we are going to talk about Youtube Name Generator Tools which can help you to generate a unique name for your youtube channel.

New on YouTube with no prior experience? Don’t have any sponsors or promoters and not even a person around to advice you on the hacks and tricks to get the views and subscribers you deserve to get?

Then here’s a bitter hard-hitting truth for you, YouTube fame is not an overnight luck click. Unless you’re exceptionally fortunate and blessed, it might take you months or even years to reach a certain level of audience and it’s no fault of yours or your content.

A social platform with more than 1.3 billion users worldwide (from YouTube Yearly Statistics of 2017) and over 300 hours of video content posted every minute, you need to put in a lot of effort and hard work to rise through the crowd and reach above the average level.

But there are always some basic catches to stand out from the crowd from the very beginning to attract an audience and grow their interest. One of which, undoubtedly is the YouTube Channel Name.

It’s not unknown to us the instances of uncountable famous YouTubers who changed their former YouTube channel names to get a boost in traffic. From Silly Point (now Slayy Point) to Ajay Nagar (better known by the channel name Carriminati) prove how important the perfect and unique Name is.

Now, choosing a perfect pseudo name to represent you online has become a very tough job for, especially with more and more people going online and the common names almost reaching the saturation. So, here we are, your day savior making sure you waste no time before going live. The best youtube name generator tools listed from the most suggested to best:

12 Best YouTube Name Generator Tools


YouTube names should be between 6 to 20 characters. Jimpix is a simple and user-friendly Good Youtube names generator which meets the earlier stated criteria to display a set of 200 names at once on the screen, each one completely distinctive from the other. If you do not like any among the first 200, you simply need to refresh the page to get another set of 200 names.

YouTube Name Generator

Jimpix not only provides you with just a YouTube Name Generator but also a facility to customize the Names. Combination of the user’s preferred name, the category of usage, number of charge actors and many more to display names that match your choices. For that, one just needs to go to the Username Generator category.

Name Generator

This YouTube Name Generator one of the most precise and high performing tools on the market at the moment. All you need to do is to choose your preferred “prefix” or “suffix” or both, and then click on the “Generate YouTube Names” button. It displays one name at a time on the screen and gives you unique youtube name ideas.

YouTube Name Generator
Name Generator

If one likes a name and wants to save it, he/she can save it in the list below. They can keep looking for other names without worrying about forgetting the liked ones.


If you’re searching for something more serious and innovative but simple and user-friendly at the same time, SpinXO YouTube Channel name generator tool is what you’re looking for. Once you go to the “YouTube Names” section, you will find that there are so many specifications to choose from.

YouTube Name Generator

The site asks you about the topic(s) your channel will be focused on, keywords, important numbers and other information. Then it presents with about 30 names consisting of all the above information or some of it combined. To generate some fresh youtube channel name ideas, one just needs t to refresh the page or re-enter the information.

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We The Unicorn

We The Unicorn is an innovative Cool YouTube Username Generator. There is freedom to choose the name the user wants to with few distinctive features. The users can choose from among their birth date, birth month, names and some more to get cool youtube names.

YouTube Name Generator
We The Unicorn

The website then applies the algorithm to process the inputted information. Then combine them to display a suitable name for your YouTube channel. The specialty of the website is that the modification of the names is very noticeable and clean. There is a unique name for each person who visits the site.

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Username Generator

One of the most useful and adaptable site on this list of Random YouTube Name Generator tools is Username Generator. The website is noticeably responsive and highly handy when it comes to YouTube name generation. The YouTube Name Generator uses its algorithm to integrate the appropriate name or choice of the user and create a new catchy name.

YouTube Name Generator
Username Generator

You have to fill up one field or add the range of characters needed for the username. The results are commendable with more than 50 suggestions of unique names appearing to choose from. This is a highly precise and simple way of finding a desirable name for the channel.

It is due to this relevance and uniqueness. That Username Generator is one among the best of the YouTube name generator tools available presently.


Whenever you search for the best YouTube name generator application, more often than not you will have the name KPARSER on the list. It is a well know Youtube name generator application. It offers a lot of other features to make your search according to your liking. There are various options to make your search more refined. You get to choose your nation and your preferred language in which you wish to run your YouTube channel. This helps in getting better results for the user.


It is easy to use; you just have to enter your preferences in the colour filled option spaces provided to you and press on the enormous green button on the screen and you will have your results. There is also an option for advanced search for an improved hunt for names. The application is not just limited to YouTube usernames; you can also use it to find the username for a lot of other purposes.

Speedy Passwords

Don’t get confused with its title SPEEDY PASSWORDS, you may be of the impression that it is a site limited to the task of creating passwords, which was my initial thought when I saw it but when you open the application you are taken by surprise that this site also helps you find amazing usernames according to your preference.

You just have to input your details along with the catchy password you desire to have and then just click on the blue button below.

Screen Name Generator

Screen name generator is a YouTube name generator application. Its interface is very plain and simple. It is easy to use, even a beginner of YouTube channel will have no problem in learning how to use this application. You just have to input your choices and you will have your YouTube channel name generated in no time. Their major focus in on creating YouTube channel names.

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Scratch is a YouTube name generator application where you can easily prepare stellar names for your YouTube channel and get those thousands of followers for your page which you have been dreaming so desperately for. The application also provides tips and tricks for getting a decent YouTube channel name. it offers all the possible help a newbie could possibly ask for. They have tutorial videos for a different type of themes which can help you in creating a good username.


Although the appearance of the site felt more like a juvenile site still it had many other impressive features. But there is one major issue, that this site offers compatibility with PC only. If you are trying to operate it from a mobile or tab then you wouldn’t be able to. Even on the computer, the hardship does not end, you need the adobe flash player in order to run it. They should definitely work towards improving this because the competition is very severe.


Quiz bone is a YouTube name generator application which is a little different from its competitors because here, you are taken through a series of questions based on your preferences which helps the name generator application to come up with a name that suits your personality. These questions I believe help in bringing out your personality in your channel name. I think that this holistic way of creating a YouTube channel is pretty amazing.


Go To Quiz

Similar to the earlier mentioned YouTube name generator application, GO TO QUIZ also operates on the same pattern, in order to get your YouTube channel name, you are being taken through a series of questions about what are your hobbies and what you like the most and other stuff about you that can be helpful in finding a good YouTube username.

Go To Quiz

Although the task can be a little tedious the results that are created are very promising. So if you are willing to go through a long quiz in order to get a perfect YouTube channel name then GO TO QUIZ is your safe choice.

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Best Username Generator

My initial impression which I made was just as pompous as the name of the application, but on searching further into the site I settled with the perception that it is a name generator application just like the other ones with a few changes here and there.

But don’t let its modesty confuse you because the results that it offered were very good. If you want to avoid the task of searching for a YouTube channel name, then they also provide you with a pre-selected list of catchy names, from where you can make your preferred selection.

Like many other YouTube name generator application, even BEST USERNAME GENERATOR is free of cost and also offers many other username creating features. They are also planning on launching a mobile application for a more user-friendly experience, let’s hope that even that will be free of cost like its predecessor.

Final Words

The four tools mentioned above have different features and are each known for their unique and precise algorithms. It depends on how formal or informal a name the user needs. How it suits his/her exact choices to represent the user’s personality or field of interest online.


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