7 Best Free Thesis Generator Tools {2018 Updated}

Thesis Generator

Here we are going to find out the best Thesis Generator Tools. Thesis statements generator come in all shapes and sizes. For an essay or a research paper, they are a statement of the main point of the piece of writing.  For example, a thesis statement examples on the topic, “New Deal: Welfare State or Savior of Capitalism” might be “The New Deal is best understood as a defense of American capitalism”; this is how to write a thesis statement, therefore, the reader expects you to justify this point and prove this through the course of the thesis and in the main body of your work.

For graduate students who are looking at their thesis and dissertations, the research-based question provided to you is generally the thesis statement.

That is all that you needed to know regarding what goes into a thesis. But now we shall talk a little about what makes a thesis good and takes it to the next level.

Features of a Good Thesis

  • Beginning the thesis with a question and answering that question makes it more interactive and realistic. Also, this answer serves as the ‘thesis statement’ in most of the cases.
  • Correlating the thesis to the kind of paper you are presenting adds a quality to it. Whether you are doing a teaching paper, presenting an argumentative point of view or going old school with compare and contrast, this clarifies the purpose of your essay which in turn determines the type of thesis statement you want to create.
  • Gather sufficient information about your thesis topic so that the thesis statement generator can be practical and your notions and mentions are proven. Whether the information comes from your own information or knowledge you must do extensive research for that and be certain and confident enough to put across a major point or observation.

Now that all the elemental and essential ideas are in our mind, we can discuss certain free thesis generators which would help anyone struggling, immensely.

7 Best Thesis Generator Tools

Thesis Statement Creator

This webpage explains the different parts of a thesis statement maker and helps you create your own. This thesis or essay generator can be simply operated by clicking the ‘example’ button in each section to see an example of a thesis statement.

At the very top of the webpage, you can type in your question which you have been assigned or the prompt which you are going to answer with the help of your essay. Then, you choose the topic of your essay which is basically the general category your essay is about. The next prompt that you have to answer is to fill in the position. It is basically the thing about your topic which you believe to be true or you wish to argue. Thirdly, you have to enter the qualification of your thesis which deals with the interrogative and interactive part.

Thesis Generator
Thesis Statement creator

For example – is what you say, always true? Are there exceptions? Are there good reasons why your position may have a downside? How can you make your position have a reality check? And so on. The reason is that this generator tools where you have to mention; why you believe your position to be correct in spite of your qualification. Lastly, you put them all together with the use of one or two lines; which include a qualification, a reason, and a position.

All these were general statements successful; your thesis might have different blocks altogether but the primary essence is the same.

You will be rendered with plenty of boxes to fill in all of the above criteria’s; the rest will be generated by this easy to use a generator. You can check your good thesis statements by clicking on the ‘My thesis’ button. It makes things smooth and easy.

Ashford University Thesis Generator

Ashford University Thesis tool is very similar to the last one mentioned and offers you many other writing tools other than the thesis tool which includes tools like proofreaders and so on. There are 7 boxes for you to fill once you enter the website which includes the topic; your opinion about the topic, three of the strongest reasons or assertions which support your idea; an opposing viewpoint to your idea (to make things argumentative and hence catchy, unique and appealing) and the possible title for your essay/thesis.

Thesis Generator
Ashford University

All that you have to do after filling in the necessary boxes is click the ‘submit’ button; wait for this generator to generate your thesis statement template.

What makes this generator tool unique though; is the fact that they offer you plenty of guidelines and basic rules to follow; in case you are missing and new to the platform.

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Simple Thesis Creator

The third and final automatic thesis generator on our list; simple thesis generator helps you come up with a thesis statement which is most applicable; suitable and proper in all regards for your thesis. This generator uses a fairly simple interface and is extremely user-friendly.

Thesis Generator
Simple Thesis Creator

Simple Thesis Creator is interactive in the regard that they also provide you with a separate instruction list which has a detailed guide and tips and tricks essential for your essay or thesis. Other than that, what makes this tool a fun one is the fact that they even organize essay contests.

In this thesis generator you fill in your topic, your position; your qualification and your reason in separately provided boxes before clicking the “Create your thesis” button which ends up in generating a suitable thesis statement.

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SUNY Empire State College Thesis Generator

The folks make this particular thesis generator at SUNY Empire State College (The State University of New York). The website starts the process of thesis generation by explaining what a thesis is and what all an argument should convey to an audience.

It provides the users with 3 types of thesis which can be generated on this website, namely, Persuasive Thesis Statement (for making a claim and gives reason to support the claim, may be supported by research), Research Thesis Statement (answers the research related questions and gives reasons to support this claim) and Compare & Contrast Thesis Statement (identifies 2-3 related things and the ways in which they are the same or different).

Thesis Generator
SUNY Empire State College Thesis Generator

On selecting a particular type, for example on choosing Research Thesis, the website asked for various inputs like research question, the various claims by the researcher, strong summary in favor of your claims, a strong summary of research findings against your claim and finally the title for your research paper. This data finally complete your thesis which then available to be taken as output in various forms.

Kibin- Thesis Statement Generator

Similar to its previous counterpart, Kibin Thesis Statement Generator asks from the user to select the type of thesis they want to generate. There are only two options available which are argumentative and compare & contrast. The website also provides the user with links to various articles which describe how to write an exceptional argumentative thesis and a compare & contrast thesis.

Thesis Generator

On selecting an option, for example on choosing argumentative, the user is directed to the next page which asks the user to enter the title of their thesis. Then you are asked to select your stance or focus, i.e., are writing in support of or against the registered title. The website then asks for what type of public are you focusing on presenting this thesis (example- Americans, youth, etc.) and finally what claims are you staking.

All this information is then processed and given out in the form of a thesis which can be taken out as output. The thesis generated is somewhat dull and won’t be as ready to present to your targeted public as expected. So, it is advised to make some changes in grammar and use synonyms for the words repeated in the thesis.

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Thesis Statement Generator

This particular Thesis Statement Generator looks pretty necessary to operate and with a fundamental layout. This website starts off with a complete step by step instructions on how to create your very own thesis. It also comes with a set of guidelines which asks the user to follow specific rules while providing the required information to the website. Some of these instructions are general grammatical errors while one specifically asks the user to input answers in short phrases and not full sentences.

Thesis Generator
Thesis Statement Generator

There is a total of 6 questions asked by the website. These include the possible title, supporting arguments and the main argument against your claims. With the use of this information, the website generates a thesis.

Overall the process is a little faster as you are not asked to choose the type of your thesis, and the questions remain same for all the kinds of the thesis.

This website is for users who are not into creating any high-level professional thesis.

Film School Thesis Statement Generator

There isn’t a more straightforward thesis generator available on the internet. Film School Thesis Statement Generator is especially for getting thesis for any movie. All you need to do is just enter the name of the movie, and Voila! The website provides you with the thesis of that movie.

Thesis Generator

Film School Thesis Statement Generator

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Final Words

Although there are plenty of others thesis generating tools out there, these three thesis generators serve the best purpose. This carefully curated list allows you some slack on your behalf. Also, you will find some tips which would help you in case you are an amateur. Good luck with creating your thesis!


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