6 Best Star Wars Name Generator Tools {Updated 2018}

Star Wars Name Generator

Here we are going to find out Best Star Wars Name Generator Tools of 2018.

Are you a big Star Wars fan? All you want is to meet those movie characters and be a part of the movie? But you haven’t had that opportunity yet. We know that you know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek and like to tell people about it when they mess up. We feel you.

Being a part of fandom is always nice and exciting. And to help that take a step ahead, how about getting yourself a Star Wars themed name with which you can introduce yourself and get on the bandwagon? You can even use that name for your Star Wars game!

This is what we’ve bought for you today – some of the best Star Wars Names Generators. Various websites host different types of Star Wars character creator. Some are random name generators while some try to use your own real name to generate a matching Star Wars name.

Some ask you if you’re from the Light or Dark Side before generating a name. Few of them generate only one name at a time while some give you a list of 50 names in just one click.

When there are many Star Wars Character Names available only with lots of functionality and usefulness, it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for you. Not to worry, here is a list of some of the best generators that we could find online. We’ve mentioned the special features of those websites to help you choose the best one according to what you want.

6 Best Star Wars Name Generator Tools

Peter Thompson – Edge of the Empire

This is one of the best Star Wars Name Generators available online designed by Peter Thompson. This is actually a full-fledged NPC Generator (aka New Playable Character Generator) based on Star Wars. You can use it to not only generate names, but also character specifications like location, species, description, skills, and knowledge. It also gives a pictorial representation of the strengths of the character.

Star Wars Name Generator
Peter Thompson – Edge of the Empire

You have to set Name to Random for a Random name. You can then choose Location and Species of the name that you want or you can leave them random. Once you click Generate NPC, you get a description, character stats, planet, skills and everything that you need for gaming. It is awesome, just try it out once. Although, you need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to run this generator.

The Star Wars Name Generator

The Star Wars Name Generator lets you generate a name that is based on your name. There is an option where you can choose between ‘Make a random name’ or ‘Generate a name from your own name’. You can also choose the gender of the character – Male, Female or Neutral.

Star Wars Name Generator
The Star Wars Name Generator

Once you’re done, hit Generate and you’ll be presented with a name – that the website automatically scrolls to – to make the name appear in the centre of the screen. It also gives you a short description (usually one line) of the character that states the type and the location of the character which is generated randomly by the software.

The Star Wars Random Name Generator

This The Star Wars Random Name Generator Character Creator lets you choose the Gender – Male, Female, Neuter/No Preference – and the number of names you want – 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100! It also lets you generate 50 random names at once just at the click of a button if you need the names fast. But the nifty feature of this cool jedi name generator is that it lets you choose the display preference – Regular or Printer friendly.

Star Wars Name Generator
The Star Wars Random Name Generator

If you choose Regular, then all the names are exhibit there itself. But if you choose Printer-friendly, then the names are displayed on a new page which is blank except for the names. It is very helpful for people who don’t like ads and other options on their print page.

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Donjon Star Wars Name Generator website lets you choose the type of name you want. There are options ranging from Male or Female Names to Hutt Names to Quarren Names to Location and Planet Names to even Droid Names! You name it – they have it all! Just press ‘Select’ when you’re done choosing the type from the drop-down menu, and it gives you a list of 10 names of that type. Press ‘Select’ again to generate a new list of 10 names. Simple, isn’t it?

Star Wars Name Generator


The Star Wars Name Generator on this website goes a step further and asks you if you’re on the Light Side or the Dark Side for creating a Random Name! You have to type in your First name and the Side you are on (or specifically the side you want the random name to be on) and hit ‘Generate My Star Wars Name’ button and you get a random name just below. K-Zone is very cool and simple to use. So, which side are you on?

Star Wars Name Generator

Name Generator

Are you one of those simple people who just want names without setting any parameters? Then this is the Star Wars Name Generator for you. Just click on Generate Star Wars Name to generate a name. Click again to generate a new name from this amazing Star Wars Name generator if you don’t like the name that has been generated.

Star Wars Name Generator
Name Generator

The website has a box where it lists all the names that you’ve generated till now. You can choose one or more names from them to add to another box labeled ‘Favorite Names’. This is a very handy feature as you don’t have to copy individual names. You can copy them at once after you’ve added them to the Favorite Names list.

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Rodian Name Generator

Rodian star war name generator site enables users to create multiple names that suit the RODIAN race of star wars universe.

RODIANS are observed as reptilian humanoids with big round eyes, possessing two antennae on their heads and long thin fingers.

ROADIANS are known for their henchmen services to the crime lords and their violence. Many RODIANS are also known for taking up roles in trading and politics.

In the context of star war name generators, ROADIANS names are hard to pronounce with harsh sounds and some complex elements and syllables ranging from 1-3.

Bounty Hunter Name Generator

When we talk about Bounty Hunters in star wars, we are of a definite opinion that BOUNTY HUNTERS were hired to capture or kill a labeled target.

In the domain of star war name generator, this site provides multiple fancying names, and the user may use it in as many places as they want each time.

BOUNTY HUNTERS are bewildering creatures with many unusual skills. Every BOUNTY HUNTER needs a code name of its own, and this code name too must possess some outstanding features. These are all ways for BOUNTY HUNTERS to hide.

Darth Name Generator

Each one of us fantasizes the star wars and are well aware of different races and members of the universe.

In the context of star wars name generator, DARTH symbolizes relinquishing an old life. This title is often given by sith lords. This designation proceeds with the sith’s name which can be either their chosen sith name or can be their birth name.

Sith designations are most varied and diverse, since they are chosen names, and a wide variety of species are a part of Sith.

Male and Female names are often similar, but the female name often possesses higher chances of sounding feminine and softer.

Mandalorian Name Generator

MANDALORIAN’s of the star wars universe is a group of diverse species and gender pledged by same desires and culture.

MANDALORIAN’s are characterized to wear helmets with T-shaped visors which are a mandatory part for every MANDALORIAN.

In the context of star wars name generator due to intermixing of various species, the MANDALORIAN’s have a variety of multiple names.

The lengths of their names significantly differ ranging from 1-3 syllable, i.e., longer the name the more complicated it would be.

1-2 syllables are familiar whereas three syllables are considered rare. Also, you can try the Fantasy City Name Generator, if you want to name your spaceships.

Twi’lek Name Generator

In the globe of star wars, TWI’LEK is humanoids with tentacles on their heads to communicate. They also possess a feature to express through subtle secret movements of their arms on their head.

About Star Wars Name generator, this site provides TWI’LEK names. These names are a combination of their name and their clan’s name.

These names are sometimes split into two in business with NON TWI’LEK names. This is one among the other ways to dishonor criminals and exiles by splitting their names into two.

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Gran Name Generator

GRAN race of the star wars is one of the most peaceful humanoid race. They have a three-eyed cattle-like appearance which further broadens their physiology.

Their three eyes enable them to sense the emotions of different beings by sensing their body heat and skin color. Moreover, such eyes allow them to see much more colors than other species.

This site generates gran names which vary between 1-2 syllable with many elongated and big sounds.

There are only four female GRAN’s but their names are pretty much same as the males hence there are no separate options for the male and the female.

Transdoshan Name Generator

In the star wars universe, Transdoshan is yellow-orange eyed, humanoid reptiles. They possess skin which is covered with scales, with colors ranging from green to yellow and brown to red tints.

TRANDOSHAN’s are well renowned for their hunting skills. Moreover, you could use some Japanese Name Generator Tools if you wish to mix up a bit of culture.

In the context of star wars name generator, this site offers various TRANDOSHAN names which are quite harsh and contain elongated sounds. There are subtle differences between the names of a male and female moreover there are higher chances for female names to provide more sounds.

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Final Words

That’s all for now. Let us know if you were able to generate your favorite Star Wars Name with our help. You can use these websites along with sith lord name generator, star wars human name generator, etc. to satisfy your whim.


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