Top 11 Random Password Generator Tools | 2018 Updated

Random Password Generator

Today we are going to talk about Random Password Generator Tools. In a world where the Harmful Hacks, Scams, and Information Leaks occurring online, it’s a necessity to stay safe online.

Enamored by the various gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers; multiple social networking sites, online banking, emails, and several other sites for business and military purposes, contain some of the most private and sensitive information that can be a danger to most people, if not countries at large.

So how do we stay safe online? By having strong, robust passwords of course! A secure password needs to be unique for each login that a user has access to.

Both lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and sufficient length are a few requirements for a secure password, but to protect your personal information on websites from hackers, you need to ensure that each password is unique and random.

So D.o.B., names, hobbies, or standard English abbreviations and words are a complete no-no. However, it’s not always easy to come up with several unique random passwords and remember them. Here are some of the best Random Password Generator tools that you should consider using, to help you protect your information.

11 Best Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator

If you are seeking password(s) that are entirely and 100%random, then Random Password Generator is the right choice. It will ask you two questions regarding the length, and the number of passwords that you want generated.

A noteworthy feature of this tool is that it will never use characters that appear similar to each other. So al you are is a click away from 1-100 random passwords that will be generated for you, with a password manager of your choice.

Random Password Generator
Random Password Generator

How do we know that it is genuinely random? Its unique randomness is not like the random number algorithms regularly used in computer programs but is derived from atmospheric noise, which for multiple purposes is way better.

This random Strong password generator software generates passwords that immediately provide you, and not stored on their server. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. To ensure maximum data security, use these passwords for email and social networking sites, but not for services that contain susceptible information like online bank accounts, etc.

Strong Password Generator

Secure Password Generator deserves noteworthy mention out of the entire available random password generator tools. Like Random Password Generator, it avoids the use of similar alphanumeric characters and generates strong, long, intricate and random passwords. This online password generator considers the length and set of characters that we would want to use in our passwords.

Random Password Generator
Strong Password Generator

It’s a simple tool and can generate up to 1000 passwords easily so that there are more than enough unique options to choose from to avoid reusability, for multiple accounts.

One can create passwords in their browser without sending it across the internet, ensuring data security. This strong random password generator is free and easy to use. An additional feature of this great software is its ability to create serial number key which is highly beneficial to developers. The only flaw in this tool is that it, unfortunately, lacks a strength indicator.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton offers a free and useful password generator tool, i.e., Norton Password Generator. One can generate 50 random passwords at a time, with their choice of numbers, characters, and symbols. Norton Password Generator also provides software that we can use to generate strong passwords and access all our passwords from anywhere at any time.

Random Password Generator

In spite of being highly reputed for being safe and secure, storing passwords online is dangerous, and therefore is one of the flaws of this random password generator tool. But, one can still use the Norton Identity Safe Password Generator to create extremely secure passwords for multiple accounts, making them hard to hack into.

LastPass Password Generator

LastPass is one of the most popular random password generator tools, which also helps in storing all your passwords in a secure place. It is a secure web-based password generator which is clean, comfortable to use and efficient. As usual, there are several options that the user has to set by their preference. And, you can use it to generate random passwords, which are usually a complex combination of characters, numbers, and symbols.

Random Password Generator

You can download and install LastPass Generator and use it, but one of its perks is that it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as on an iOS and Android device. They generate the passwords securely, thus increasing security.

Steps to Use LastPass:

  • Create a LastPass account, and protect it with a strong Master Password.
  • Add websites to LastPass Vault, so that I can access the login information and store the passwords.
  • Any new random passwords that are generated using LastPass automatically get added to the LastPass Vault.

Advanced Password Generator

Advanced Password Generator is a remarkable tool for you. This is a free, easy to use, and one of the most simple random password generator tools. You can adjust the length of the password by moving a slider tab on screen. You can also choose what types of characters you want in your password, as well as numbers and symbols.

In addition to this, you can also use custom characters sets. Once they generate the password, you can easily copy it to the clipboard. Advanced Password Generator is perfect for primary users who are just curious about gaining a unique random password. However, it doesn’t create several passwords in an instant, and you can neither save your passwords nor export them to a text file.

Password Generator Professional

Password Generator Professional is a powerful random password generator. It can generate coupon codes, passwords, and a series of numbers quickly. It can create millions of random passwords in a few seconds. Four password types available on this tool, and they are Normal, secret, Pronounceable, and Dictionary passwords. You can also choose to make your password phonetic. When the user selects his/her criteria, the password strength, preview, and the total number of possible combinations appear.

Random Password Generator
Password Generator Professional

The user can also set a minimum and maximum length of the password. Password Generator Professional is indeed one of its kind, as it also offers command line support, which means that generating passwords is made even simpler by just using the command line tool. It also allows password export and offers multiple options such as text, Excel, CSV, and HTML documents. The passwords generated can even be printed directly or copied to the clipboard.

Another useful feature that it has is that it can generate usernames, and collect usernames from different files. Password Generator Professional offers various kinds of features and is a fantastic random password (and username!) generator.

Strong Passwords Need Entropy

If you find the above list of random password generators too essential, then you need an advanced password generator tool such as Strong Passwords Need Entropy. Since it’s portable, it can run on any PC without any installation. This tool can also generate passwords that are pronounceable and easy to remember. As there are twelve generators available, it’s easy to create complex, unique and random passwords. We can also generate a MAC address or serial number using this tool.

Strong Passwords Need Entropy also shows the number of unique characters, letters, and numbers in the password, checks if the password is in the list of the top 10000 passwords that are easy to guess/crack, and predicts the time it will take for the Brute-Force Attack to think a user’s password.

Strong Passwords Need Entropy doesn’t generate a list of passwords, but it lets you create one manually. Like other random password generator tools, it enables the user to export the password to a text file. While it’s a powerful tool and generates unique and secure passwords, it can be slightly complex to use.

Dashlane Password Generator

Dashlane password generator is a very efficient and effective random password generator that has a lot of flexibility and can be used to create some quirky and difficult to crack passwords even by the pro hackers. The passwords generated by this random password generator tool is a mix of so many things that no one can also think of the pattern.

Random Password Generator
Dashlane Password Generator

The way Dashlane password generator works is that it will ask you what kind of password do you want to generate, i.e., the length of the password which can range up to 40 characters !!.

After this, you will be asked if you’re going to include symbols, numbers, letters in your password. It even has the option to generate a pronounceable password, which is not recommended but still. Hence it an all-around random password generator for all of your needs.

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Secure Password Generator

The secure password generator is a simple and dull looking random password generator, but it can generate some unique passwords that can give hackers a run for their money. The passwords generated by this random password generator are as the name suggests secure which has so many symbols, letters and unique that you can’t even think about them in your dreams.

Random Password Generator
Secure Password Generator

To generate a secure password, you have to enter the length that you want of your password. Once you’ve come to the length, you have to choose whether you want your password to have symbols, numbers, lowercase characters and uppercase characters. In addition to all this, you can even choose to exclude similar characters and ambiguous characters. It can generate your password offline too, thus no risk of hacking with this random password generator.

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Roboform Password Generator

Roboform password generator follows a similar pattern to every other password generator, but it adds some features of its own to provide you a safe and secure random password for all of your social media accounts. You can customize everything about your password using this random password generator, thus ensuring the password is safe for your use.

Random Password Generator

You have to start off by entering the length of the password you want to generate like every other random password generator. You have to choose whether you want to include similar characters or not. You’re given to choose either hexadecimal, or you can manually select what type of letters and symbol you wish to add in your password. In the end, you have to choose the number of digits you want in your password, and you’re done. This random password generator will present you a random and secure password.

Password Generator

Password Generator by random password generator is a generic random password generator with some slight modification and improvements made to it. But this doesn’t mean that the passwords generated by it are not secure and random. They can be used to cause pain in the ass of someone trying to mess up with your privacy.

Random Password Generator
Password Generator

This password generator asks you to enter the length, whether you want to include symbols, letters, and numbers in your password. This stuff is pretty basic, but in addition to all this, you can even choose to exclude similar characters and also include some characters that you specifically want. Hence it is easy to work but versatile random password generator.

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Final Words

So, this was all about the top best random password generator which you can use for free. Some of them are easy to remember password generator while some of them are a secure password generator. Do make sure that you go through each of them as they worth your time.


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