8 Best Free GamerTag Generator Tools (2018 Updated)

GamerTag Generator

GamerTag Generator Tools now come in handy a lot. Given the fact that when you need a new gamer tag, it gets challenging to land on a perfect one. It needs to be appealing, memorable, fresh, something to impress your fellow players with. This can take a lot of time in deciding the correct one. As such, there are many such GamerTag Generator tools given below. Check them out.

8 Best GamerTag Generator Tools

Name Generator – Xbox GamerTag Generator

The Random GamerTag Generator acts as a username. Xbox GamerTag search Generator helps other players identify you in game. Your fellow players can message you through this. They can check which games you play, and also track your statistics. Xbox puts certain limitations on gamer tags. It cannot be more than 15 characters. For subsequent changes, you will require 800 Microsoft points.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Name generator

This generator helps you find awesome gamer tags to suit you. You can even add a prefix or a suffix relative to your choice. Add numbers, random words or letters. Anything that suits your taste.

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Spinxo GamerTag Generator

The Spinxo website helps you find unique and best Gamertags. SpinXO GamerTag brings into consideration many other aspects regarding you before building any username for you. It asks you to fill in for a name or nickname, then hobbies you like, words that you like to include. You can use it to get cool ideas for Xbox live gamertags, PlayStation gamertags, and much more.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Spinxo GamerTag

After collecting data regarding all of these, it presents with thirty different usernames to select from. You can reset all the data entered with one click. And then go for another spin. It is an excellent Cool GamerTags Generator Tool. The best part about this one is that it provides you with personalizing options.

Badass GamerTag Generator

Badass GamerTag is a straightforward platform that provides you with a unique, “badass” gamer tag by just clicking one button. You can repeatedly keep clicking that button, and generate one cool username after another. The generator also adds aesthetic appeal to the name, by using cool styling over them. Originally hosted on Github, it is a straightforward, and time-saving generator for your gamer tag.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Badass GamerTag

Name Generator 2

Name Generator 2 works to find you the best gamertag ideas, for almost anything you want a name for. Creating a unique name for yourself is quite tiring at times. You just need the feel of what a perfect name would be.

Necessarily, this website presents you with a number of name ideas to jog your memory. Link your feeling of a name to a real name. Use it for your book, game, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and screen names for other online accounts.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Name Generator 2

At the right, you will find various name generators. Choose the one suitable to your requirement. And get your task done. In fact, you can also try the Random Team Name Generator if you’re playing any major sports game.

Gen8rs GamerTag Generator

Designed as a straightforward user interface, Gen8rs GamerTag helps you create cool gamertagsfor your PlayStation or PSN. Yes, this site allows you to select your game genre first. You can choose between first-person shooters, casual, Sci-Fi and action games.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Gen8rs GamerTag

After that, you click a button, and the next thing you see is an awesome username. Keep clicking until you are satisfied. Impress other players by generating some funny gamertags that are customized to the game genre you play.

Jimpix Username Generator

Jimpix Username Generator displays a list of categories of various Xbox gamertags. More often than not, people want a username which is personal, one that makes meaning to them. This Funny GamerTags Generator tool allows you to enter your word. Then pick from a list of categories. Jimpix Username will help the device to generate a related username.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Jimpix Username

After the name is generated, click on it to check if it is available on several platforms. This includes several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Fantasy Name Generator

The Fantasy Name Generator presents you with ten random names. There are customization options available. There are two radio buttons below the ‘get username’ button. By selecting either of them, you can choose to substitute either the first or second name of the randomly generated usernames. You can also add a word of your choice.

Add any from your favorite game, even a swear word. As long as you are content with it, you can choose any. If you don’t like any of the ten names, click again.

GamerTag Generator Tools
Fantasy Name Generator

Besides being a GamerTag Ideas, Fantasy Name Generator also allows creating names for other categories, like place names, and pop culture. Moreover, if you’re also looking to name your kingdom in the game, you can try Kingdom Name Generator for it.


GamerTags Origin GamerTag Generator will sparkle some extremely cool ideas for your new Xbox gamertags. All you need to do is click the Refresh button, and you have a brand new gamer tag suggestion. You might have your suggestions. If you want to share it with other people, click on suggest and type it in.

However, you always have the community to go back to, in case you fail to find a name of your choice here. Being a first timer at Xbox, this site will certainly help. You can also buy from many recycled gamer tags. Adding prefix and suffixes, or any random letters and numbers, you can have a cool name, using this generator. If you’re looking to get cool usernames for your gamer tags, Elf Name Generator can help you out.

GamerTag Generator Tools

There are various other tools besides these. You can check on these. Just click the refresh button, and you will have new gamer tag suggestions. All in All, a perfect gamertag name generator.

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Final Words

This concludes this article for the best Xbox Gamertag Generators. Hopefully, you find a username of your choice using these random gamertag generators. Use any of this awesome Xbox GamerTag Generator and you will surely be content with the result.


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