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Company Name Generator

Here, we are going to find out the best Company Name Generator tools.

Often it happens we have a terrific business idea, we have figured out all kinds of marketing tactics but then get stuck over the name of the company. We think a lot and still manage only bland names and more often than not end up giving up the idea altogether. A company name describes the outlook of the organization and represents the mood of the employees.

A unique company name becomes an adjective for the products and stays in the minds of the consumers. To find unique names for your company, a host of Cool Company Names Generators are available online.

The company name ideas websites provide some services. They advise and suggest you with names. They also check if these names are already registered or not. The names proposed by Company Name Generators can be funny or severe depending on the user’s choice. But they are all unique and special.

So don’t let your ideas die out for lack of a creative company name. We have listed here eight best Company Name Generators so you don’t have to try them all.

8 Best Company Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a simple Company Name Generator. It asks for one or two keywords from you and suggests pages of different names using the keywords.

Company Name Generator
Business Name Generator

Apart from suggesting, what sets this Company Name Generator apart is that it checks if the name you liked is registered on, so you don’t have to. This saves you a hassle and a lot of time and effort. You can also research for a domain names on the website.

Start-up Company Name Generator by NameMesh

Start-up Business Name Generator by NameMesh asks for two or three keywords and generates domain names that are available. There is another Company Name Generator if you wish to enter four or more keywords.

Company Name Generator

This Company Name Generator classifies suggested names under different categories. Names under Common combine the keywords in different ways and look for available domain names; Similar category shows names with synonyms of keywords; New checks for names with new domains like .shop, .tech, .cool, etc.; SEO provides search engine optimized names, so they show up easily when a customer looks it up online; Shortlists names with TLDs (.co, .in, etc.) as part of the name such as,; and Fun generates company names with some fun creativity like missing vowels or phonetic variations.

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Brandroot is an established Company Name Generator. This website has a vast inventory of trendy and cool names for new companies. It also has a featured section of company names which are high in demand.

Company Name Generator

You have to browse through the vast inventory and select a favorite company name which you can directly buy from them. Also, each name comes with a pre-designed cool logo and a domain name in the package too. So this website provides quite a complete deal for upcoming startups.

Business Name Generator by Namelix

Business Name Generator by Namelix is a Company Name Generator with the simple user interface. You enter keywords that describe your ideas. And then you press “Generate.” A list of cool names is listed to choose from. You can select any one name to begin the procedure of registration or press the refresh button on top to Generate a new batch of titles. You can also update the keywords and generate more names.

Company Name Generator

Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas is a Company Name Generator which puts extensive efforts in suggesting names. Besides the keywords that describe your business, this Company Name Generator asks several other questions to indicate names accurately.

Company Name Generator
Cool Name Ideas

It asks what type of business you are naming; what benefits would your customers get from your company; and how should a customer perceive your company. It is an excellent exercise not only for a Company Name Generator but the overall marketing of the company. After you click on “Generate,“ a list of relevant names are generated.

It has a “domain name checker” that checks both domain name and twitter name availability. And when you have chosen a cute name for your company, you can buy your domain name.

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Business Name Generator by Shopify

Business Name Generator by Shopify is a Company Name Generator that generates catchy company names, still carefully communicating what your company offers. It has an attractive user interface. The website asks for the core ideas of your company to be entered as keywords.

Company Name Generator

It also guides you in how to choose keywords for best results. Then as you click on “Generate Names,” a list of 100 names appears with more on further pages. You can select a favorite and reserve it.

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Business Name Generator by Oberlo

Business Name Generator by Oberlo is one of the many tools available on this website. This Company Name Generator asks for words that you would want your company name to include or reflect. After you have entered such words, click on “Generate Names.” A list of relevant names is generated. You can reserve a name by signing up to Oberlo. You can try tweaking keywords to create different company names.

Company Name Generator

Online Business Name Generator by Anadea

Online Business Name Generator by Anadea is a simple Company Name Generator. It takes as specific input keywords that describe your company and gives out pages of useful company names. Each page has a list of 25 names. Besides Company Name Generator, the website also has an App Name Generator and a Website Name Generator.

Company Name Generator

It also advises on how to generate searchable names. This Company Name Generator guides a user to make new names that are descriptive and memorable too.


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