10 Best Fantasy City Name Generator Tools {2018 Latest}

Fantasy City Name Generator

Here we are going to find out the best Fantasy City Name Generator Tools.

How long have you been nurturing that idea of a fantasy novel in your mind? You can vividly see the world moving, people talking, and cities building but you still struggle to put them on paper. You feel there are no words in any language that you can use to name that world in your mind. And if you have tried coming with all the names on a fantasy world map, you know how hard it is.

A good fantasy city name is mainly use to arouse interest in the readers. If the nato me is mundane and commonplace like hundreds of names that we hear every day, the reader would forget them and you would never be able to build your world in readers’ minds.

A fantasy city name should sound realistic but not too realistic. Everyone knows Harry Potter went to Hogwarts or Sirius Black was kept a prisoner in Azkaban. Readers know these cities as if they have been there and still know they are fictional.

The importance of a good fantasy city name is not easy to imagine. Creating these unique, interesting and memorable city names can be really tiresome and time-consuming. But hey, there are available online a plethora of Fantasy Town Name Generators. Here we list 5 best Fantasy City Name Generator tools so you can spend more time writing that bestseller.

Top 10 City Name Generator Tools

City Name Generator

City Name Generator by fantasynamegenerators.com gives a list of 10 random city names. The names are absolutely random.

The names include normal city names to absurd fantasy names. The first five in the list or the ‘normal’ abstract names likes of which you could find in the real world and throughout history. The later five are short weird names which you would not find in real world and hence they are suitable for all kinds of fantasy genres.

City Name Generator
City Name Generator

There are literally thousands of combinations this City Name Generator provides and there is never any shortage of names. Ten city names are provided by default but if you can’t see your fantasy city with any of the names provided, simply click on ‘Get City Names’, and a new list of ten names appear. You can use any of the names generated in your work of fiction, unless, of course, they are already trademarked by others.

This City Name Generator also generates names of cities in existing popular fantasy fiction. So you can generate city names for A Song Of Ice And Fire or Lord Of The Rings. You can use these names and write all kinds of fan-fiction for your favorite fantasy world.

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Name Generator 2

Name Generator 2 is the simplest City Name Generator you could find. Thus City Name Generator first talks about the importance of a nice city name and what should you keep in mind while choosing a name for the city in your fantastical world. It has thousands of combinations to offer for the city names. Yet it has a simple and straightforward user interface.

City Name Generator
Name Generator 2

You can change the setting to ‘Normal City Names’ to turn it into a Normal City Name Generator if you like. It generates one fantasy city name by default. If you don’t prefer that name or you want more choices to look at, you can click on ‘Generate City Names’ to generate another name.

You can go on like this however long you wish as there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Names generated after all the iterations are listed below the City Name Generator, in case you want to look back at previous options.

Even if you don’t find your favorite name generated, this City Name Generator would definitely give you a lot of names to think over and bring you closer to your ideal city name.

The website is not just a City Name Generator, though. It can also generate names of towns, villages or countries.

Donjon Fantasy Name Generator

Donjon Fantasy Name Generator has a City Name Generator within itself. It is otherwise a complete fantasy name Generator. What makes this City Name Generator special is that it provides names according to different fantastical ethnicities, task groups and even histories.

The user interface of this City Name Generator is quite simple and easy to use. Having said that, the algorithm of the City Name Generator is quite complex. It generates numerous combinations for each category.

City Name Generator

You can select the kind of name you wish to generate. There are many options within this; from specific fantasy settings to common fantasy names to even pseudo historical names of cities in different parts of the world. Within each such category, there is a lot to choose from.

You can look for Babylonian, Celtic or Greek city names. At the same time, you can look for Orcish and Elfish city names as well. After you complete your selections, the City Name Generator lists 10 names to choose from. If you don’t like any of them just click ‘select’ and a new list of 10 names is ready for you.


Dungeoneeeing.net has a list of 100 fantasy city and town names to choose from. It is a simple list but very carefully constructed. These names fit in any fantasy world and you can use in original works of fiction or fan-fictions alike; to populate maps and constructing the worlds.

City Name Generator

Fantasy kingdom Name Generator

Fantasy kingdom Name Generator by Springhole.net is a City Name Generator which is one of the many different name generators available on this website. The City Name Generator, however, gives a list of names of 5 kingdoms or cities.

City Name Generator
Fantasy kingdom Name Generator

If you wish to generate a fresh list; you just need to click on ‘Generate’, and this will produce a fresh batch of five names. The website also features other tools which would come handy while writing a fantasy novel.

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City and Town Name Generator (Mithril and Mages.com)

City and town name generator by mithril and mages is a very well thought out city name generator as it has a database of more than 5 million names of over more than 150 countries. This makes sure that it has one of the largest libraries of words that are associated with cities and towns, so you create an appropriate city name.

City Name Generator
Mithril and mages

The way this city name generator works is that it asks you which dataset you want to choose, which basically means is that which from country’s cities do you want to take inspiration from. Once you’ve done that, you will be asked to select the number of names you want to generate. After this, all you have to do is choose between the options given to you.

Place Name Generator(namegenerator.biz)

Place name generator is a no bullshit city name generator which can generate any number of fictional names that you want for your city. This tool can be really helpful if you’re a writer and don’t want to spend a lot of time dwelling upon what will you name your city, this can be the perfect tool for you.

City Name Generator
Place Name Generator

The only thing that you have to do to create a fictional city name using this city name generator is you have to click a button and that’s it. You will get a city name every time you click the button and life can’t get easier than this.

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City Name Generator (storygen.weebly.com)

City name generator is made for those people who like to have fun but also don’t want to do much effort in doing some work. With so much competition these days, you can only think of something unique very rarely so it’s pretty hard to be a content maker these days. With all these worries, generating a name for your fictional city is not something you want to spend your time on.

City Name Generator
City Name Generator

So in order to get a fictional city name for yourself, click on the Random name button and this city name generator will provide you with a new name every time.

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Cities Skyline Generator

Cities Skyline Generator is made for people who are generally referred to as couch potato because this city name generator, literally doesn’t ask you to do anything. This city name generator will automatically generate a city name for you as you will open the website. If you’re not happy with the city name, you can click on the populate name button, and it will generate a new name. Thus, all you have to do is click a button, and your work is complete.

City Name Generator
Cities Skyline Generator


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